L&T offers a range of products and solutions for electricity, gas, telecom, transport, elevators, and water & sewage utility providers. And customised solutions are our forte.

Our Mysore facility has the capability to customise electricity meters and create metering solutions according to the individual requirement of the utility. L&T’s metering products fulfil requirements across segments – from residential metering to inter-utility energy exchange metering. All types of meters have communication facilities, running IEC or DLMS protocol which, in conjunction with user-friendly base computer software, enables customers to generate reports for the analysis of data and generation of bills. L&T’s Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) and Automatic Meter Infrastructure (AMI) solutions eliminate manual intervention in meter reading. Our tariff meters are BIS certified.

L&T industrial automation offers L1000 AC Drive with elevator-specific features. This product addresses life protection and is highly reliable with superior aesthetics, power and high performance vector control technology that meets the current needs and future requirements of the elevator industry.

Another solution that draws the attention of the utility segment caters to sustainability and energy efficiency. It is a software-based resource management solution that is integrated with the various energy (electricity, gas & water) systems in a given complex. Called Resourze, it offers real time reporting on the consumption of these resources, with the flexibility to set alerts and control for optimising their use.